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Spring 2016 Practice Schedule
SPRING 2016 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
12:30 - 1:30 PM           BU16 (BHCC)
1:30 - 2:30 PM           BU18
4:30 - 4:45 PM         GU12-1  
5:30-6:40 PM BU12-1   BU10-3*      
  GU12-2   BU10-2   GU12-2  
  GU10-2   BU14-2**(BHCC)   BU10-3*  
  GU12-3*   BU16* (BHCC)      
6:45-7:55 PM BU10-1 GU10-1 GU10-2 BU12-1 GU10-3*  
  BU10-2 GU12-1 GU10-3* GU14-1 GU10-1  
  BU12-2 GU14-1   BU12-2    
  BU14-2*(BHCC)   GU12-3** BU10-1    
  BU14-1 (BHCC)     BU14-1    
      BU18 (BHCC)      

by posted 03/07/2016
Congratulations BU16-1 Team

BU16-1 Team:

Congratulations to Coach Cam Labeck and the BU16-1 team on their outstanding season in Division One of the Middlesex League and for representing the League in the 2015 Massachusetts Tournament of Champions. Back Row: Liam Kennedy, Jack Murphy, Elias Sahile, Danny Murray, Omar Mohammad, Mark Williamson, Jacob Rait, Coach Cam Lebeck. Front Row: Yariel Lopez, Jack Evans, Isaac Morales, Clark Begley, Eric Rait, Slater Godfrey

by posted 07/07/2015
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