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All practices will be at the Charlestown High School / Community Center turf fields with the abbreviations referring to:

SB = Softball (Back) Field
FB = Football Field

 Fall 2016 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
5:30-6:30 PM BU10-1 (SB) GU12-2 (SB) BU10-1 (SB) BU10-2 (SB) GU12-1 (SB)
  BU10-2 (SB)   BU12-3 (SB) BU10-3 (SB)  
  BU10-3 (SB)   GU10-2 (SB) GU12-2 (SB)  
  GU10-2 (FB)   GU10-3 (SB)    
  GU10-3 (FB)        
6:45-7:45 PM BU10-4 (SB) GU12-1 (SB) BU10-4 (SB) BU12-2 (SB) GU10-1 (SB)
  BU12-1 (SB) GU14-2 (SB) BU12-1 (SB) GU14-1 (SB)  
  BU12-2 (SB)   BU14-1 (SB) GU14-2 (SB)  
  BU12-3 (SB)   BU14-2 (SB)    
  BU14-1 (FB)   GU10-1 (SB)    
  BU14-2 (FB)        
  GU14-1 (FB)