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Below is the Charlestown Youth Soccer practice schedule for Travel soccer

Practices start the week of August 27th with the first matches on September 8th.

Tips on understanding the table below:

  • (SB) is the back (softball) field, and (FB) is the Football field.
  • Travel team names use MYSL's new short hand: B34-2 is Boys Grade 3 & 4 team 2, G78 is Girls Grade 7 & 8.
    As a reminder Mass Youth Soccer shifted to grade-based groupings about 2 years ago, and nomenclature is still shifting from things like BU10 to B34.
Fall 2018 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Friday
    (Softball using the infield)    
5:30-6:30PM B34-1 (SB) G34-1 (SB) B34-1 (SB) G34-1 (SB)
  B34-2 (SB) G34-2 (SB) B34-2 (SB) G34-2 (SB)
  B34-3 (SB) G34-3 (SB) B34-3 (SB) G34-3 (SB)
  B34-4 (SB) G34-4 (SB) B34-4 (SB) G34-4 (SB)
        B78 6-7pm (FB)
6:45 - 7:45PM B56-1 (SB) G78 (SB) B56-1 (SB) G56-1 (SB)
  B56-2 (SB) B78 (SB) B56-2 (SB) G56-2 (SB)
  B56-3 (SB)   B56-3 (SB) G56-3 (SB)
7:00 - 7:55 PM G56-1 (FB)     G78 (FB)
  G56-2 (FB)      
  G56-3 (FB)