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Registration Notes for Online Registration
  • Parent / Guardian Info will be collected first

  • Email address is important. You may string mutiple email addresses together (put a comma between addresses)

  • Next to the SUBMIT button at the bottom, there is a check box to 'ADD A SECOND GUARDIAN' if desired.  Check / Uncheck this as needed.

  • Child / Player info will be collect next.  Some information is carried over from the Parent. Siblings can be added as well.

  • There is an option to Pay By Credit Card. This the preferred method of payment

  • Cost is $50 for 1st child, $25 for siblings

  • This is a new system - if there is an over payment or an under payment, please use the feedback page on the left and we will work with you to make corrections.

  • You may log back in at anytime and make updates.