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The Spring 2018 practice season will start on March 26, weather permitting. The first matches of the season will start on April 7. 


SPRING 2018 Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday (SB) Friday (FB)
6:00-6:50 PM B gr3/4-1 G gr3/4-1 LAX G gr3/4-2 B gr3/4-1 G gr5/6-1
  B gr3/4-2 G gr3/4-2 LAX G gr5/6-3 G gr3/4-1 G gr5/6-2
  B gr3/4-3 G gr3/4-3 LAX   G gr3/4-3  
    G gr5/6-2        
7:00-7:55 PM B gr5/6-2 G gr5/6-1 B gr5/6-1 B gr3/4-2 B gr5/6-1 G gr7/8
  B gr7/8-2 G gr5/6-3 B gr5/6-2 B gr3/4-3 B gr7/8-1 G gr9/10
    G gr7/8 B gr7/8-1   B gr7/8-2